10 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Chat and Stream in 2021

It’s no secret that the world of chat and streaming has changed drastically in recent years. Sites like Twitch have transformed how gamers can interact with their communities, while services like Discord are revolutionizing the way people communicate online. The 10 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Chat and Stream in 2021 pays homage to these shifts by highlighting some of the best new gaming platforms out there today which offer high-quality audio/video options for streamers to use alongside fun features such as emoticons or custom emojis.

The “kosmi” is a new app that allows people to chat and stream. The “10 Best Rabbit Alternatives To Chat and Stream in 2021” are some of the best apps on the market.

Many individuals who have utilized Rabbit-like platforms in the past, as well as during the epidemic, are seeking for Rabbit Alternatives. Rabbit is a platform that allows you to share your screen with friends and family to watch video without any interruptions. People love online streaming material shared through a link where friends and family members may communicate while watching programs or movies at the same time, and the platform has grown in popularity in recent years.

Rabbit eventually stopped down its services in May 2020 and was bought by Kast in July 2020, owing to investor withdrawals and other undisclosed causes. Rabb.it’s main goal was to let people to share screens in order to watch party videos and connect with one other through chat. Since the Rabbit service has been discontinued, we’ve compiled a list of Rabbit Alternatives that function in the similar manner.

Alternatives to Rabbit to Stream with Your Friends (2021)

1. Rave


Rave is a Rabbit-like platform founded in Canada. Rave is a chat and video streaming program that allows you to ask friends to join the conversation and video streaming at the same time. This app is just for mobile phones and tablets. Unlike Rabbit, it cannot be used on desktop browsers.



Rave can stream episodes from Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Google Drive, and Vimeo without interruption; it’s not a perfect Rabbit replacement, but it’s a solid option for portable Android and iOS devices. This software is available on both the Play Store and the App Store.

2. Kosmi


Kosmi.io is a combination of streaming video material and playing games through an invite-only system. You can log in to Kosmi’s website and quickly join multiple rooms without having to deal with anything, allowing you to communicate with a variety of individuals by beginning a discussion in the room chat. Kosmi.io is available on both desktop and mobile devices.



There are no limitations here; you may stream as much as you want and invite others to a room by choosing Watch Party, where you can hang out with others and have a nice time while watching or playing a game from Kosmi’s page’s offered list. You may even help the Kosmi boys out by purchasing them a cup of coffee as a contribution.

The gaming side of Kosmi’s platform offers a variety of games in genres such as Table Games, such as Texas Holdem’ Poker, Kosmi Offends the Galaxy, and Virtual Cardtable. Venge.io, OpenArena(Quake 3), NES, and SNES Emulator are all available in Kosmi’s video games area. A PSX Emulator allows you to play a variety of vintage PS1 games while streaming and talking for those fun-filled nostalgic feelings.

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Caracal, no. 3


Caracal is a simple but functional platform for getting your job done. Without even joining up and going into other rooms, Caracal enables you to build or enter a room straight away. 

Caracal’s User Interface is vital, and it is incredibly user-friendly. The site displays two categories: popular rooms with a large number of viewers waiting to join the live, and newer users who have just begun streaming in their rooms. Caracal is a stream-sharing website that runs in your browser. 

4. Have a Netflix Party


Netflix Party, also known as Teleparty.com, is a free Rabbit alternative that allows you to watch TV series and movies with your friends online. Unlike Rabbit and other platforms, TeleParty is a browser extension and software program that you must install and use on the Chrome browser or any other desktop computer.

The nicest thing about Netflix Party is that you don’t have to switch tabs or windows. You must immediately click on the extension and begin a watch party. Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO are among the streaming services available on the platform. From the aforementioned OTT websites, you may group chat and watch the programs. 

invited.tv is number five.


Invited is a little different, and its user interface may be compared to Rabbit. The Invited platform has a virtual browser that allows you to stream material from any website that is available via the platform’s virtual browser. 

Invite.tv also has a feature that allows your friends or roommates to manage the browser by clicking Request Remote. This way, you may view any stuff you want together, such as movies, TV series, anime, or music.

6. Keep2Gether


Watch2Gether is a website-based platform that allows you to stream together on various famous internet-based video streaming websites such as Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Soundcloud, and others while sharing content on Watch2Gether. It’s not a perfect Rabbit replacement, but it does the job.

The room’s creator has complete control over which stream to pick and distribute from the many streaming websites. Instead of having a typical talk, you may start an audio and video chat with your roommates. Unlike other rabbit alternatives, Watch2Gether immediately provides suggested movies from the listed websites, which is much more straightforward.

7. Kast


Kast is a simple suggestion as a Rabbit substitute since it entered the market by purchasing Rabbit in July 2020. However, there is a snag with the Kast platform. Unlike the Rabbit Alternatives, you won’t be able to broadcast any stuff you want with your buddies.

Instead, Kast TV, Tubi, and YouTube material may be streamed via the platform. Kast TV provides a limited selection of films, however Tubi has a diverse selection of films from many genres handpicked for you. There is also the option to share the screen, but you must first become a Kast member, which costs $9.99 a year.

MyCircle.TV is number eight on the list.


MyCircle. Instead, TV is the dominant streaming choice, with less opportunities for socializing. The platform allows you to broadcast and communicate together in real time. MyCircle is a free platform that requires no registration and allows you to easily share the link with your friends. MyCircle is a good Rabbit alternative with limited support for web-streaming material.

However, MyCircleTV does not support all of the internet’s content websites. It only supports three content choices at the time of writing, which are YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. To begin watching videos with your friends, copy and paste the URLs into the Create or Join a Room box. 

9. Time on the Air


AirTime was first released as a web application on June 5, 2012, for group video conferencing for iOS and Android. AirTime allows you to talk in text, voice, and video at the same time, as well as side-stream videos, music, and photographs from sites like YouTube and Spotify. 

You can’t use AirTime on a desktop browser; instead, you’ll need to download the AirTime app for iOS or Android to share multimedia and talk at the same time. AirTime was chosen as a Rabbit Alternative because to its user interface and overall software, which makes it simple to broadcast and talk with your friends.

CYA Live (#10)


CYA Live, formerly known as Synaptop, is a free streaming service that allows you to share your screen and have a voice or video chat while watching your favorite programs or movies. You may host a variety of items that are shown on the room’s side panel, allowing you to broadcast whatever you want. 

Screen Share, Youtube, PDF, and MP4 files are among the unique choices given on the side panel. If you’re just wanting to engage with your friends or coworkers for an official meeting, you can even mirror your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. You may start the broadcast straight away by clicking the Create Room option and selecting your preferred choice from the highlighted list.

Use These Rabb.it Alternatives to Stream

Here are some of the greatest Rabbit alternatives for having a good time with your pals by hosting a viewing party. We chose Rabbit alternatives based on user evaluations and the features the platform offers. If you utilize a platform that isn’t listed above as a Rabbit alternative, please let us know by posting a comment.


The “rabbit streaming” is a new way to chat and stream that will be released in 2021. Here are the 10 best alternatives to chat and stream that you should watch out for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use instead of rabbit streaming?

A: You can use a turtle streaming device instead of a rabbit, but it is much harder to control the speed and direction of the stream.

Is rabbit still working?

A: I am sorry, but rabbit does not work.

How do you use rabbit on Chrome?

A: This is a trick question.

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