14+ Best Free Karaoke Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021

You can find karaoke apps for Android and iPhone that are free to download. It’s the best way to start your music journey if you’re brand new or looking for something more professional. Here are our top picks of available karaoke services so far, read on!

The “best free karaoke app for iphone” is a list of the top 14+ best free karaoke apps that are available in 2021. With this list, you can find the right application to use.


Do you like singing along to Karaoke? Want to replicate the same magic for free at a home party and wow your friends and family with your vocal prowess? Nowadays, you may record your voice over unique background music tracks evocative of an upmarket Karaoke Bar using hundreds of free Karaoke applications and Karaoke software available for Android/iOS smartphones. However, the problem is identifying the finest Karaoke software among a sea of imitators.

Don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the top free Karaoke applications available, which will allow you to sing, record, edit, and share your voice with friends, family, and followers through social media. Let’s get started without further ado!

2021’s Top 14 Free Karaoke Apps for Android and iPhone

1) Smule (Sing Karaoke)

Do you want to belt out your favorite tunes at the top of your lungs in perfect harmony? Look no farther than Sing! Karaoke or Smule, a powerful program that allows you to simply produce solo, duet, or group videos with your favorite performers from any genre. Of course, if you’re feeling brave and adventurous, you may self-record your own music with video.

Not to mention, owing to SingKaraoke’s cutting-edge voice enhancement technology, you can add a dizzying assortment of sound effects, real-time pitch correction, and fine-tune voices to achieve high notes with ease. You may also show off your work to your friends and relatives. Sing! Karaoke (Smule) also regularly refreshes its extensive collection with new songs, ensuring that you have a great time.

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2) Karaoke in Red

best free karaoke apps

Red Karaoke allows you sing your heart out and make playlists in a flash, thanks to a large library of songs from a variety of genres. You may add a fun aspect to your celebration by doing euphoric singalongs. In fact, you may sing duets and add interesting sound effects to expand your vocal range in addition to going alone and producing videos.

Red Karaoke also allows you to share your videos and build a fan base! You may also add dazzling video effects, themes, and a slew of other tweaks. Overall, Red Karaoke is one of the most customizable free Karaoke applications for Android and iOS users.

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3) The Singing

free karaoke apps

The Voice, a handy software that gives a platform for all party boppers to sing karaoke melodies, mimic renowned artists’ voices, and bring to life the secret singer in them, is maybe a tribute to the iconic NBC program of the same name. The Voice has a large number of songs with lyrics, with the simple premise that the more songs you sing, the more songs you unlock.

New songs are uploaded to The Voice’s huge collection on an almost daily basis, so anticipate all-around Karaoke evenings. You may also use a variety of audio effects and share your Karaoke antics with your friends and family.

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4) Maker of Stars

free karaoke apps


StarMaker (aka Sargam), which is available on both Android and iPhone, has an amazing and broad catalog of songs from all genres, putting it on par with some of the top free Karaoke applications available. Not only are the current chartbusters from a broad range of genres available in the app, but you can also enjoy a large library of vintage tunes.

On StarMaker, Bollywood fans may also sing along to Hindi songs for free. Although karaoke aficionados may use the app for free, premium memberships are available.

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KaraFun (#5)

best free karaoke apps

KaraFun, which has been in the game for a while, does not disappoint with its new karaoke software. KaraFun, dubbed the “ultimate mobile karaoke software,” allows you to start singing and recording songs right away on your Android and iOS devices, including the iPad.

Over 25,000 karaoke songs are available online, and you may store them for offline replay for uninterrupted gala moments. The KaraFun app, like its desktop counterpart, enables you to quickly construct playlists of your favorite songs. Overall, it’s one of the greatest free Karaoke applications available!

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6) Yokee’s Karaokefree karaoke apps

Thanks to the Karaoke by Yokee app, you can have a riot without paying a dollar. Furthermore, you may share recordings of yourself singing your favorite songs and demonstrating your newfound vocal skills to your friends and family.

Yokee’s Karaoke lets you browse through hundreds of songs by singers and bands from all genres and record tracks as you see appropriate. There’s an option to add reverb, increased echo, and other trendy sound effects to your voice files if you want to jazz them up.

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7) Singa

best free karaoke apps

Singa guarantees that organizing a Karaoke night becomes entertaining on Android and iOS devices, with hundreds of songs spanning a diverse range of genres. You no longer need to spend a fortune on karaoke equipment or software to hold a lively karaoke night at your home.

Singa’s extensive online music collection, which includes over 25,000 songs with precise lyrics, is more than enough to entertain your visitors. Furthermore, the app makes it extremely simple to pick your favorite songs and get your karaoke night off on the right foot.

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SingPlay (#8)

best free karaoke apps


SingPlay is one of the greatest free Karaoke applications for Android users if you want to improve your live singing experience and feel like a famous performer. You can now quickly record and share your favorite Karaoke songs with everyone.

The nicest aspect about this software is that you don’t have to download any karaoke tracks or use up any storage space on your smartphone since SingPlay lets you pick songs from its dedicated server library. As a result, you may record and perform songs without having to worry about running out of storage space.

9) Karaoke for the little ones


Baby Karaoke is a must-have if you wish to serenade your babies with legendary tunes, as its name suggests. It also has a good selection of kid-friendly music and rhymes. Baby Karaoke is, in reality, the greatest accompaniment for helping your children learn new songs with amazing graphics and simple words.

You may also record your child’s voice and let them take control of the karaoke fun. Baby Karaoke is without a doubt one of the greatest free Karaoke applications for kids.

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10) Karaoke MagicSing

best free karaoke apps

Look no farther than MagicSing if you’re looking for a free karaoke software with a large repertoire. The app has over 200,000 songs available in various languages to cater to the interests of music fans all around the globe. MagicSing is a free app for Android and iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad that is very simple to use.

The major standout feature of this software is that, despite having a large database of music, anybody can select their favorite song in seconds using a clever filter search and voice recognition. So much so that MagicSing also enables you to alter the atmosphere of your singing space and reduces noise.

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WeSing (#11)

free karaoke apps

Many people consider WeSing to be one of the finest Karaoke apps since it is simple to use and is constantly updated with new songs. What makes it special is that you can perform some cool audio editing and add plenty of sound effects to your voice on the side.

Furthermore, WeSing’s clever search capability is on pace with the finest, allowing you to quickly locate and search for your favorite songs on this app.

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12) Vocal Eliminator

free karaoke apps

Vocal Remover can rapidly remove original vocals from any music and record the whole song in your voice, as the name implies. The program also allows you to alter voices and make pitch correction adjustments that mimic the original voice.

Vocal Remover’s large repertoire allows you to quickly scan through songs and enjoy endless Karaoke fun. Did I mention that you can erase vocals in real time, much like at a Karaoke bar?

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MyVoice (nineteenth)

best free karaoke apps

MyVoice is a free app that lets you make ecstatic karaoke singalongs and effortlessly record your voice with video. It’s only available for iPhone and iPad users. You may also choose any song from your device’s media and share your karaoke performances with friends, family, and admirers through social media networks.

In summary, if you’re having a party, MyVoice can spruce up your karaoke setup with some major bells and whistles.

Voloco (#14)best free karaoke apps

Vocoders never go out of style, and Voloco is proof of that. Both Android and iOS users may use the software for free to get autotune and vocoder effects. You can simply fix pitch, note intensity, and sound like a rock n’ roll/pop star with over 6 distinct voice effects.

Of course, you can use your smartphone camera to sing karaoke tracks and make your own selfie music video, as well as store and share your songs for free!

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That’s all there is to it! Did you like our collection of free karaoke applications for Android and iOS? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Adios.

The “best karaoke app for iphone” is one of the best apps to use when you want to find a good karaoke app. The app allows users to search for songs, download them, and sing along with friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any truly free karaoke apps?


What is the best free karaoke app?

A: The best karaoke app Ive found is called Sing Karaoke. You can download it for free on the App Store. This will allow you to sing along with songs from your personal library or any other song in their massive database of over 400,000 songs!

What is the best Android Karaoke app?

A: I am a karaoke app.

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