CCleaner Professional Review – New Features and Driver Updater Utility


CCleaner is a software that can be used to clean up and optimize your computer. It has an easy-to-use interface, and it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Are you looking for a way to protect yourself against cookie trackers and harmful files?

With the use of a computer, Windows has a reputation for accumulating spam and trash files!

It all adds up to storage, and hackers have been known to exploit these files to get into systems and steal critical data. 

CCleaner Professional is a Windows 10/8.1/7 tune-up and optimization tool. 


We may deduce from the name that it’s a cleaning program that removes trash, cookies, and registry entries. 

The route to the temp folders and cache file storage regions of Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browsers is not simple to discover.

Even while you may remove them manually, it is time-consuming and prone to mistakes.

You may unintentionally remove a system file, causing the application or app to fail. 

ccleaner-professional-software updater

Piriform CCleaner has offered a professional program at a very low cost to keep all of these problems at bay and simplify things. 

Discounts may be found on a variety of different websites, lowering the price even further. 

Some of the features may also be found in the free version. 

Malignancy and History 

Piriform CCleaner was purchased by Avast in 2017. It has been operating for around 18 years in the computer optimization industry. 

CCleaner 5.45 was chastised for features such as Active Monitoring. It did not have the concept of not collecting personal data, as does the current 5.85 version. 

It collects and shares data in the name of Windows users. After a restart, the same setting was enabled. 

Malicious Trojans managed to get inside the utility and infect millions of machines.

The vulnerability was fixed in later versions of the program, but it created chaos in the CCleaner community.


Microsoft customers relied on the free version to clear trash and registry entries until Avast took over. 

The majority of customers turned off the program, believing it to be a cancerous tumor on their computer.

The current version of 5.85 was upgraded in 2021 with a driver update utility and a variety of additional improvements.

It removed the Active Monitoring tool from the system tray, and you may now shut it. It generates a scheduled job for updates, which you may deactivate if you wish.

However, if you buy the Professional Edition, you will get access to features such as computer health checks and security.

In this review, we’ll look at CCleaner Professional’s most recent features as of 2021.

Configuration of My Computer

Since 2011, I’ve been using this computer for more than ten years. Even in 2021, the computer continues to function flawlessly.

All of the accessories are kept secure by a good APC UPS, which is backed up by a house inverter and surge protector. 

I just bought a 22-inch LG IPS monitor. The CPU, MOTHERBOARD, and GRAPHICS configurations may be found in the upper right-hand corner of the CCleaner program.

I’m using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E7500 @2.93GHz, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce 210 graphics card. 

Examine your health

It’s one of the professional edition’s newest and most powerful tools. This functionality is not available in the free version. 


Though you can scan for health, you’ll need the premium features to apply them. After scanning using the free version, the list of pro features is deactivated. 

It is thus necessary to purchase the professional edition in order to maintain your computer in excellent working order. 

cc;leaner-professional health checkup

The following important tests and cleaning are included in the PC’s health check-up. 

Boost your PC’s speed by disabling unnecessary applications and making your computer boot quicker. 

Improve your PC’s security by rapidly updating applications and drivers and plugging security vulnerabilities.

Maintain your PC’s privacy by removing trackers, cookies, and other undesirable data left behind by websites and marketers in a secure manner.

Increase your disk space by: Remove undesirable files from your computer in a secure manner.


To use this function, you should shut all open browsers like as Edge, Chrome, and others.

CCleaner will ask to close them automatically if they aren’t already closed.

If it doesn’t work, a request to forcefully close them is made. You don’t have to be concerned since none of your bookmarks have been lost. Existing webpages will not be deleted.

Only the browsers will be shut off. They will resume normal operations upon re-opening. 

Following the Scan

From the CCleaner Professional 5.85.9170 version, the Health Checkup function listed the following things.

There were 9 trackers to uninstall, 80.4MB of trash files to delete, 0 startup items to deactivate, and 0 applications to update.

boost pc health ccleaner

Only the Pro edition has the final two functions. Because I had previously run a scan and used the improvement tool, the majority of the work was already done.

Most of the troublesome applications and starting items have already been deactivated. I also have an SSD, which has sped up my startup times. 


However, for older devices, this utility should be very useful. This tool may also be useful for novices who are unsure which applications and starting things to deactivate. 

You may use these methods to speed up your Windows 10 computer. 

I sometimes believe that the free tool is sufficient since it does the majority of the cleaning. 

However, for automatic browser cleaning and security improvements. 

I could instantly see the advantages of regular health screenings and cleaning. My computer was considerably quicker, and the browser opened much faster.

Furthermore, if you can check for malware using Malwarebytes and have a Browser Ad guard installed, the page will load quicker.

This anti-virus program guards against ransomware, adware, viruses, and trojans and provides detailed information about them.

In addition, using CCleaner Professional and Malwarebytes Premium together does not slow down your computer. Enhance the security and performance of the system.

Customized Cleaning

You have two choices in this module: 1. Windows and 2. Applications. 

You may clear the internet cache, history, cookies, download history, last download location, temporary internet files, index.dat files, and many other things under the Windows option.

custom clean ccleaner

This option’s default settings are as follows. You may also check those options if you wish to use CCleaner Pro for advanced cleaning.

You may clear Chrome, Windows Store, Apps, Utilities, NVIDIA install files, MS Paint, MS Search, MS Wordpad, and many more programs under the applications option. 

When ticking the advanced choices, be cautious; such settings are intended for administrators and people who are familiar with Windows.

If you alter the default settings, it’s a good idea to establish a system restore point.

The default settings should, in general, clear the trash, cache, and temporary files well. I had no issues after completing this program.

Updater for Drivers

In 2021, it is one of the most popular features of CCleaner Professional. This option was not accessible in previous versions. However, it is a new tool that has been introduced to the PC tune-up application. 

driver updater utility ccleaner review

Some Microsoft drivers are incompatible with older devices and hardware.

My previous Bluetooth adapter’s driver CD was also forgotten. CCleaner, on the other hand, was able to locate and install the proper drivers for Windows 10.

You may get more information on the CCleaner driver update tool here.

Cleaner for the Registry

  • Shared DLLs are missing.
  • File Extensions That Aren’t Used
  • Issues with ActiveX and Classes
  • Library of Types
  • Applications
  • Fonts
  • Paths of Application
  • Files with Instructions
  • Installer
  • Software that has become obsolete
  • Start At The Beginning
  • Ordering from the Menu Should Begin Now
  • Cache for MUI
  • Sound Happenings
  • Windows Services are a set of programs that help you

This module’s default parameters are as follows. CCleaner may be used to scan your registry. It will locate all of the register items that are trash.

clean registry ccleaner

It will then prompt you to save the registry. It’s a good idea to make a backup before starting this procedure.

Items linked to uninstalled applications and programs are sometimes removed.

Other applications and programs, however, may need them. CCleaner registry cleaner is lot better in 2021 than it was in the beginning.

It causes more minor issues. In any case, you have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong.


This option allows you to uninstall, repair, rename, and remove programs.

Some applications, such as those included with Windows 10, are difficult to remove.

CCleaner performs a fantastic job at getting rid of them. However, be cautious while uninstalling system applications. It may be difficult to reinstall them.

Software Updater: With this program, you can keep your software applications up to date. CCleaner provides genuine updates rather than those obtained from a fraudulent source. 


The following four things are stated during the startup process: 1. Windows 2. Tasks that are scheduled 3. Menu in Context Windows Services is number four.

In any of the aforementioned categories, you may deactivate the starting items. It will improve the boot time and overall performance of your Windows PC. 

Browser Plugins: This is one of CCleaner’s finest features. Some Internet Explorer browser plugins are still visible in Microsoft Edge’s background.

You can turn them off. The browser’s processes will be faster as a result.


Disk Analyzer: You can see which kind of files use up the most space on your hard drive. It’s useful for deleting folders/files that are filling up your hard drive. 

Duplicate Finder: Duplicate files may take up a lot of memory. You can keep your computer clean by having CCleaner locate and remove them. 

System Restore — This section lists all of the most recent system restore points. You can get rid of the ones that aren’t needed. 

Drive Wiper: If you’re worried about someone utilizing data recovery software to retrieve erased sensitive information, this application may help. 


Settings: You may choose between Health Check and Custom Clean for the home screen.

“Run CCleaner” may be added to the recycle bin. You may switch to secure file deletion for advanced users. Depending on the choice, the number of passes will be increased.

Alternate data streams and cluster tips may be wiped. Another approach is to wipe free space disks. MFT empty space may also be wiped. 

Cookies: You may view a list of all the cookies that are installed on your computer. To keep them, you may pick them and add them to the list. You must first shut all of your browsers. 


Include – Check the boxes next to any extra files or folders you wish CCleaner to delete. 

Exclude – Choose which files, directories, programs, and registry entries you don’t want CCleaner to clear. 

You may schedule CCleaner to clean your computer on a regular basis. Health Check or Custom Clean are the two options. 

Another professional alternative is Innovative Cleaning. Enable browser cleaning when the browser is closed. It protects your privacy by removing trackers and irrelevant cookies. 


Users – Choose which users have access to CCleaner Professional.

Updates: CCleaner will be updated automatically, and you will be notified when there is a new version. 

Advanced — Additional options are available for advanced users.

Additional Piriform and Avast privacy information may be found here. You may also give the business permission to collect app use statistics in order to improve the product. 


About: CCleaner Professional’s version and licensing information may be found here.


Priority Email Support Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

It’s also a pricey feature that benefits the average user. Whether it’s installation or restoring a system to a prior state, the experienced staff can handle it.

Because hardware and operating systems are configured differently, the support team looks at the compatibility of Windows 10 and CCleaner.

If you discover that any of the functions aren’t functioning properly, you may report the problem to a qualified support engineer.

Final Thoughts

In a few words, I can state that CCleaner excels at automating chores.

When compared to hand cleaning with other equipment, this is its strength. It also has a higher acceptance rating among Microsoft Community users than competing registry, cleaning, and optimization applications.

We utilized the product for almost three months and found no flaws.

Cleaning the browser was simple and fast. The system was maintained safe and quick thanks to Health Check.

Except for the two or three functions, CCleaner Professional provided no extra value.

It would be fantastic if it could offer more services. However, I appreciate the price since it is reasonable for most Windows users.

As a cleaning, driver update, and health check-up tool, I suggest this product. 

The ccleaner professional plus is a powerful tool that can be used to clean up your system. It has new features and the driver updater utility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CCleaner driver updater any good?

CCleaner is a good driver updater.

Is CCleaner safe to update drivers?

Yes, CCleaner is safe to update drivers. Q: How do I fix a corrupted Windows registry? To fix a corrupted Windows registry, you will need to use the System Restore feature in your computers settings.

Is it worth buying CCleaner professional?

I do not know.

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