NVIDIA SHIELD TV’s Latest Update Makes the Remote Even Better

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the world’s first game console with a built-in virtual reality headset. With this update, you can now control your device using only voice commands on the SHIELD remote.

The “nvidia shield tv update android 11” is a new update for the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. The update makes the remote even better, and adds some cool features to it.

Aside from the tube shape, the new and better remote was one of the significant improvements with the newest NVIDIA SHIELD TV devices. The remote is becoming even better with the company’s newest SHIELD TV update, which is now rolling out, owing to more personalization possibilities.


Not only did the new SHIELD Remote have a nicer look, but it also had additional functionality, making it seem more like a true remote. The customizing button was one of such features. In essence, the button may be programmed to do any of a variety of things that the user specifies, such as taking a snapshot or launching the AI-powered upscaling demo.

The remote gets its own boost with SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.2, NVIDIA’s 25th update for Android TV devices, which should vastly enhance the whole experience. While the custom button on the remote could previously be given an action that could be performed with a single push, NVIDIA has now added the ability to double-press and long-press the button.



As a consequence, SHIELD TV users will be able to assign three separate actions to the button, bringing the total number of actions to over 25 – a handy number given that this is the 25th update.

Another verified remote enhancement is volume control through IR and CEC, with the ability to alter the level even while the Android TV device is in sleep mode. This is in addition to compatibility for digital projectors and the ability to switch inputs on other devices such as televisions and soundbars.

With the current release, upscaling has also improved.

The increased customisation and third-party volume control compatibility, as anticipated from NVIDIA, are not the only improvements included in the update. Those who like AI-powered upscaling will be pleased to learn that UHD 4K upscaling capability is being expanded to encompass 360p and 1440p material. Upscaling support for 60fps content is also available for users with a 2019 SHIELD TV Pro.

Users will be able to benefit from 4K 60fps upscaling to GeForce NOW once an update to the Games app is released, according to NVIDIA.

Native SMBv3 compatibility (no Plex media server required) and the ability to match the frame rate of presented video on the 2015 and 2017 SHIELD TV devices round out the list of enhancements.


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The “nvidia shield tv pro 2021 release date” is the latest update for NVIDIA SHIELD TV. The update includes a new remote that makes it easier to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the latest shield upgrade?

A: The latest shield upgrade comes with a grid of lights that show you the best places to hit your opponent.

Is the new shield remote compatible?

A: Unfortunately, the new remote is a different model and does not work with the old shield.

When was the last Nvidia Shield update?

A: The last update was on May 16th, 2018.

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