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Everyone has that one anime show they loved so much it would put them in a state of depression if the series ended. We’re here to talk about our favorite hopelessly depressing shows and what made each such an impactful experience.

It is no secret that anime is a great form of media. It can be sad and depressing, but it can also be happy and uplifting. Geekymint has put together a list of the top 7 sad anime shows of all time.

The anime universe is vast. It includes a wide range of genres, including action, adventure, and fantasy, as well as supernatural, horror, thriller, and other genres. While some of these anime are entertaining to watch and provide a feeling of optimism and warmth, others are gloomy and melancholy. However, anime does not shy away from portraying these distressing feelings, since they are an integral part of what it is to be human.


In this essay, I’ll walk you through some of the most dismal anime that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. These anime contain dismal plots and discuss themes that are normally kept under wraps and taboo in society, such as mental illness. Particularly in Japan, where mental illness has a high stigma. When it comes to raising awareness about issues that everyone might experience throughout their lifetime, anime has done a fantastic job. 

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The Most Depressing Anime that Will Make You Cry

The Lies of Elfen

Elfen Lied is one of the saddest anime series I’ve ever seen. It tells the narrative of the Diclonius, a human-like species with cat-like horns on their heads that have extraordinary telekinetic skills in the form of invisible hands called’vectors’ that can cut through anything (even humans) and transmit the virus that causes newborn kids to be born as Diclonii. 


The story follows Lucy, a furious Diclonius girl who breaks out from a high-infrastructure confinement site but is shot in the head in the process. Kouta and his cousin Yuka discover her when she develops a child-like split personality known as ‘Nyu.’ They accept her, but what happens next affects their lives forever. Lucy is shown to have a very painful history in this anime, which is what makes it so tragic. Kouta is in the same boat. We also see how the Diclonii are handled inhumanely in the lab and how their lives are reduced to a shambles.


Given is one of the most depressing anime I’ve ever seen. While the film’s goal is to give the spectator hope, some of the characters’ backstories are quite tragic. It tells the narrative of Mafuyu, a meek and timid young man who struggles to express himself. He takes a guitar around with him despite not knowing how to play it. He demands that Ritsuka, one of his classmates, teach him how to play the guitar. Ritsuka asks Mafuyu to join his band after hearing his voice, and the rest is history.


Mafuyu’s backstory is eventually exposed throughout the series, and we learn why he is the way he is. And, I must say, it’s really terrible and awful, and no one should ever have to go through that. He was unable to recover from the pain of losing his childhood best friend and sweetheart to suicide. The novel also depicts one of the band’s older members, Akihiko, and his long-time boyfriend, Ugetsu, in a poisonous relationship. They are in love, yet they are poisonous to each other. The plot also follows Haruki, the band’s bassist, who has an unrequited love for Akihiko, who is caught up in his own complicated life and relationship. 

Your April Lies

This is, without a doubt, the most melancholy anime I’ve ever seen. Kosei Arima, a fourteen-year-old piano prodigy, has a nervous breakdown at a piano concert shortly after his mother’s death. When it came to the sound of the piano, this caused him to lose his hearing. Kosei goes two years without touching the piano, and he becomes terribly sad. Then he meets Kaori Miyazono, a free-spirited young lady whose playing style is as effervescent and joyful as her personality. Kaori assists Kosei in resuming piano practice, and the latter falls in love with her.


However, catastrophe strikes the two wayward children, and loss and departure ensue. By the conclusion of your Lie in April, I was in tears because it hit a part of my spirit I didn’t know existed. It’s absolutely worth seeing, but bring tissues because you’ll be crying your eyes out by the end.


 This depressing animation has been dubbed “the saddest anime ever made.” It takes place at a high school in a tiny Japanese town. The narrative follows Tomoya Okazaki, a third-year high school student who is unconcerned about his grades and despises his city and life. He is, without a doubt, a bit of a loner. He does, however, come across a weak girl who he sees chatting to herself one day. He starts up a discussion with her before continuing on their way to school.


The Clannad anime is based on the same-named visual book. Nagisa Furukawa, the story’s primary heroine whom Tomoya meets, is a weak girl who suffers from a physical ailment that forces her to rely on others for assistance. Tomoya is also mistreated by his alcoholic, gambling-addicted father, who often hits him, injuring him and forcing him to withdraw from his friends and classmates. Later in the novel, Nagisa suffers a dreadful destiny, which leads Tomoya to become depressed. Tomoya is plagued by misfortunes, which lends the anime a gloomy tone.

The Fireflies’ Grave

This depressive anime film is highly depressing and discusses the hardships of war and the devastating repercussions it has on regular people. The film chronicles the story of Seita, a little boy, and his younger sister Setsuko, who become homeless and orphans when their home and mother are bombed by the Americans during WWII. They are taken in by a distant relative, who is nasty to them and eventually forces them to leave. Setsuko, however, dies as a result of her inability to overcome famine and sickness. Seita loses up on life after being unable to bear his sister’s death and dies of hunger and malnutrition soon after.


My eyes welled up with tears the first time I saw this heartbreaking anime film. No film has conveyed the devastation that World War II had on Japan more than Grave of the Fireflies. Everyone should see it because it is one of those anime films that you should see at least once before you die.


Despite the fact that Monster by Naoki Urasawa is a medical criminal thriller, some of the concepts and plots in the anime are rather dismal. It tells the narrative of Dr. Tenma, who has become disillusioned with the medical sector and has decided to save the life of an average youngster rather than a rich businessman. However, this proves to be Dr. Tenma’s worst blunder, as the youngster turns out to be no average kid, and he becomes implicated in a series of killings years later. Dr. Tenma has the task of tracking down the ‘Monster’ and putting a stop to the misery once and for all.


Monster has a lot of gloomy themes and plotlines in it. It depicts the story of a mind-control and brainwashing organization that manipulates children into becoming merciless assassins. Those who endure this mental torment develop into heartless robots. Johann, the central adversary, has been a merciless serial murderer and skilled manipulator since he was a boy. His twin sister tried to kill him after he killed their foster family and shot him in the head. All of this happened while they were still youngsters! Monster is absolutely worth seeing, but be warned: some of the scenes in the anime are quite gory and not suitable for children.

No. 6

No. 6 is a depressing anime set in a post-apocalyptic metropolis known as “No.6.” It tells the narrative of Shion, a youngster reared in a more elite and affluent society, who meets Nezumi, a runaway boy his age. What happens next alters both of their lives permanently.


Although not overtly melancholy, No.6 has several really sad plotlines, such as Nezumi’s life and art and Safu’s tragic destiny. We eventually learn about Kronos’ terrible secret and the truth about Lost Town as the story progresses. No. 6 is a fun animation, however it does become a little depressing towards the end. Is Shion and Nezumi going to be able to remain together? Or does destiny have something else in mind for them? You should absolutely watch this anime to find out.

Last Thoughts

Despite the fact that I am not a huge fan of gloomy anime, these are some of my favorites. I was so taken by these anime’s tales, melancholy anime characters, plot devices, clichés, idea, and other things that I decided to put them in my list. Despite the fact that I was in tears at the conclusion of each of them, I would watch them again if given the opportunity. Well, it’s all owing to my self-destructive nature. Regardless, these melancholy anime are well worth watching, and if you’re anything like me, you should give them a go.

Do you have a favorite anime that is depressing? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number 1 saddest anime?

A: My number one saddest anime is Boku no Pico. I found out about it at a friends party, and when I watched the first episode was so sad that crying just felt natural.

What is considered the saddest anime?

A: This is a difficult question to answer, as each person has their own personal definition of the word sad. Some people would argue that Myself; Yourself could be sad, but other people might not agree. To generalize, some anime series that are considered very depressing include Sweetness and Lightning (Kino no Tabi), Attack on Titan Season 1-2, and Shiki

Which anime will make you cry?

A: This is a difficult question to answer because there are many different ways in which someone could cry. One way would be watching the anime My Neighbor Totoro, another would be listening to Mariah Careys song All I Want for Christmas Is You., and yet one more might be staring at an object of great beauty that triggers your emotions.

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