5 best Shopify helpdesk [Apps / Platforms]

Shopify is the world’s leading cloud-based ecommerce platform. It helps over 500,000 merchants create and manage their online stores with ease. The helpdesk app allows you to view your orders, track shipments, and more.

The best shopify customer service apps are the best apps to use when you need help with your Shopify store.

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5th of October, 2021

Originally published in February 2021.

  • The finest Shopify helpdesk software can help you increase sales and get a competitive advantage.
  • A robust live chat tool and the integration of all communication channels are required for the best Shopify helpdesk.
  • An outstanding solution with nearly 50 connectors is at the top of our list of Shopify helpdesk software.
  • Check out all of our recommendations since you’ll discover a project management platform among them.




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Shopify is a famous shopping platform and the most widely used automated eCommerce software, with over 600.000 companies using it across the globe.

It’s easy to see why you’d want to integrate this eCommerce source in your helpdesk app or platform. Yes, it’s all about boosting sales for your company, and a smart helpdesk solution may assist a lot.

There are a few solutions that work with Shopify, but the ideal Shopify helpdesk solution will also incorporate many additional sources, such as social media.

As a result, if you need to expand your e-commerce company or online store, you may start by selecting a price plan and then a Shopify helpdesk platform.

To cut a long tale short, here is our list of the top Shopify helpdesk applications and platforms for increasing sales.

Which Shopify helpdesk applications or platforms are the best?


Gorgias is the finest Shopify-integrated helpdesk platform. This fantastic solution offers over 50 connectors, including Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, BigCommerce, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.

First and foremost, a significant benefit of this system is that you have all of your support tickets in one location, and you have all of their data in front of you while you respond to their requests.

That, of course, will assist your representatives in providing an accurate and timely answer based on your clients’ actual requirements. Your agents may also take immediate action without leaving their workstations thanks to the platform.

Managing a subscription, refunding a customer’s money, or making changes to an order? All of this can be done without leaving your workstation, thanks to the platform.

Furthermore, by investing in your customer service and making the most of the e-commerce helpdesk offered by this software, you may improve your profit.

As a result, you’ll be able to use Gorgias to manage all of your customer data in one location and interact with any of your customers regarding purchases or other payments from inside the helpdesk platform.

Let’s go through some of Gorgias’ finest features:

  • All support tickets are kept in one location, ensuring a quick response.
  • You can respond quickly without having to leave your workstation.
  • Engage your consumers on the platform where they first learned about your product.
  • Shopify and BigCommerce are only two of the over 50 connections available.
  • The capacity to monitor the sales that agents produce.



Gorgias is a fantastic helpdesk platform with incredible integrations that can quickly increase your revenue.


Monday.com’s Work OS enables you to build a highly personalized support desk.

You might, for example, use it to make requests to the IT team to manage your inventory or a full project lifecycle; it’s all up to you and your requirements.

The program unifies everything on a single platform and can connect with a variety of technologies, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Slack, Zoom, Excel, Adobe Creative Cloud, and others.

As a result, you may use it for internal administration, marketing, and sales, as well as a fantastic work-from-home platform that will help you stay productive.

It’s all about combining your job and project in one location using this program, so you can monitor and complete numerous tasks effectively while communicating freely with your team.

Apart from that, using this platform allows you to scale up project management quickly and keep track of all that has to be done.

This platform also has a free trial period so you can try it out and see whether it provides the results you want.

Let’s take a look at Monday’s finest features:

  • Use Google Docs to collaborate on projects.
  • Bring all of your other applications together in one location.
  • Automations that can be customized
  • Real-time data insights dashboards
  • Organize your duties effectively.



Monday.com not only integrates with Shopify, but it also integrates with your company’s software to help you manage any project.


Scout is in need of assistance. is a collaborative customer support platform utilized by over 11.000 companies in 140 countries, and you may use it for your company as well.

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The goal of Help Scout is to provide tools that allow a team to be more efficient and cooperate. So, whether your team is made up of two or 200 individuals, you may share team inboxes, for example.

The most essential component, however, is live chat support, which allows you to give the most accurate responses to your clients. You may also do this by building relevant assistance pages.

Furthermore, the program can provide reports for a variety of channels, including email, chat, and even phone interactions with your valued consumers. You may also utilize the knowledge base to create articles that automatically reply to your customers.

As a result, don’t wait any longer to invest in your customers’ pleasure in order to increase your e-commerce income.

Let’s take a look at some of Help Scout’s finest features:

  • Within the team, inboxes are shared.
  • Support through live chat
  • Clients will like the self-service alternatives.
  • Recommend insight articles depending on the customer’s current page.
  • Options for escalation depending on the client’s requirements


Help Scout

Consider using this software to improve consumer satisfaction with your content and services with little effort.


Re:amaze can help you connect with your customers by seamlessly integrating email, social media, mobile, and chat communication.

The program also offers collaboration features that allow your company’s team members to assign, remark, and discuss their points of view.

All potential communication channels are included in this interaction, including corporate email, a chat client, Facebook pages, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, and voice messaging.

To put it another way, you can take advantage of customer-centric services while also connecting with customers via various channels on the same platform. Chatbots, for example, are extremely popular these days, and you may use them to improve your website and automate operations.

As a result, our e-commerce helpdesk platform is ideal for growing your online company and getting closer to client needs.

Let’s have a look at some of Re:key amaze’s features:

  • Live chat allows for quick communication.
  • Real-time preview of customer messages
  • Integrated communication channels
  • Customer activity is shown in real time on a dashboard.
  • View data from your customers’ profiles that is tailored to your need.

Obtain Re:amaze


Deskpro’s whole concept is to equip your agents with all of the tools they need to deliver the finest information and answers to your clients in order for them to be happy.

So, first and foremost, this solution offers a sophisticated ticketing system that incorporates data from all communication channels. It also includes automation technologies that will free up the agent’s time to concentrate on other important duties.

More specifically, all requests from customers across various channels would show as tickets on your user platform, allowing you to enhance your customer service and response time.

Additionally, all of your tickets may be assigned a priority score so that your agents can prioritize their activities.

As a result, your customers come first, therefore you may provide them with a knowledge base center, 24/7 self-service, messenger tickets, email threads tickets, and tickets with text components or attachments utilizing this tool.

Here are some of Deskpro’s greatest features:

  • Automated programs that help you avoid doing the same thing again and over.
  • A complex ticketing system with many communication lines is in place.
  • Team management duties are made easier with shared inboxes.
  • Access a client’s whole history to help you figure out what’s wrong.
  • Sorting, grouping, and labeling tools that are easy to use

Obtain Deskpro

A superb helpdesk software or platform may provide you a significant competitive edge over your competitors, therefore we hope you discovered the finest solution for your industry in our list.

If you’re searching for a fantastic live chat client for your company, check out our list of the top automated chat clients. If you have any more ideas, please share them in the comments area below.

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The shopify customer app is a mobile application that allows users to chat with their Shopify helpdesk. It is one of the best apps for helping your online store grow.

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